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With the blessings of The Almighty God, NATIONAL CHEMICALS began its journey of providing an extensive range of new products required by scientific laboratories, R & D Centres, Industries, Educational Institutes, Hospitals etc. for testing, analytical works and to meet the needs of the rapidly advancing science and technology.

The product range of NATIONAL CHEMICALS consists of the stains, indicators, bio-chemicals,enzymes, amino-acids, dyes, metal powders, standard solutions, rare and research chemicals etc. over and above usual inorganic and organic compounds.

We take the liberty to express our humble gratitude to our valued customers and stockists for giving continued patronage to our products and thereby extending their kind co-operation to us by approving "NATIONAL" brand chemicals. This definitely inspires us to incorporate new chemicals also.

You will observe that certain chemicals are specially synthesized and made available for the first time by us and few of them shall be of your interest too ! We have made sincere efforts to procure certain items from reputed manufacturers ensuring the highest purity as per international standards. Many chemicals are directly repacked from imported materials with a view to serve science and technology at large.

lt is possible that few of the listed products may be proprietory or patented and having private Trade Marks, Registered Brand of well known / reputed companies but we hereby declare that we have no bad intention to make any misuse or do not claim any originality of their reserved rights. We beg pardon for repacking such Branded products under our National Chemicals' label. We confirm that
such products are repacked and marketed considering service motivation only.

You may please forward your valued inquiries for any chemicals not found in this price list, too. We shall attempt to synthesize them to the best of our abilities and shall also be pleased to offer most competitive price for the same. We shall also submit special rates, if you require chemicals in bulk quantity.

To render faster and efficient services, we have arranged for all India dealers' network for distribution of our products in and around your territory. If, however, any dealer is not located in your area, you may please suggest us, so that necessary appointment of dealer can be made immediately.

Your ideas and timely suggestions regarding any improvements are always welcome and acceptable to us which will surely encourage us. Awaiting your valued orders and inquiries and looking forward for Cordial Business Relations !

With highest regards and best wishes for the Coming Years...

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